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Batterfried Mushrooms – 6oz



Cheese Curds (regular or spicy) – 6oz



Chicken Strips – 4 pieces



Chicken Wings (plain or buffalo wing sauce)



Cream Cheese Poppers – 5 pieces



Deep Fried Bacon – 6 pieces



Mac and Cheese Bites – 5 pieces



Mini Corn Dogs – 10 dogs



Mozzarella Sticks  - 6 sticks



Onion Rings – 8oz



Side Orders/Salads

Baked Potato, French Fries, Hashbrowns



Coleslaw homemade recipe



Cottage Cheese



Soup seasonal


$2.75 cup/ $3.25 bowl

Side Salad – lettuce, cheese, croutons



House Salad – lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, croutons


  • with *Chicken


  • with *Steak



Sandwiches and Burgers

****Make any of the sandwiches a basket (with fries) for $1.25 more! ****

*Hamburger – 1/3lb burger with lettuce, tomato, onion



*Cheeseburger – 1/3lb burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion



*Bacon Cheeseburger 1/3lb burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion



*Double Bacon Cheeseburger



*Western Bacon Cheeseburger bacon cheeseburger topped with bbq sauce and 2 onion rings



*Jalapeno Pepper Jack Burger 1/3lb burger with grilled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and a touch of 1000 island




*Mushroom/Swiss (1/3lb burger or chicken breast)



*Chicken Bacon Ranch (grilled or fritter) – bacon, mozzarella cheese, and ranch dressing on the side



*Chicken Sandwich (grilled or fritter) – mayo, lettuce, tomato



*Philly Cheese Sandwich (steak or chicken) – 4oz thinly sliced ribeye with onions, green/red/yellow peppers, and topped with shredded mozzarella cheese on a 6” hoagie



*Tenderloin Tip Sandwich 3oz tenderloin tips with onions, mushrooms, and topped with American and mozzarella cheeses



*Patty Melt 1/3lb burger with fried onions topped with American and mozzarella cheeses on marble rye bread



*B.L.T. speaks for itself



*Fish Sandwich 1 ½ pieces batterfried fish served with tartar



Grilled Cheese cheese sandwich grilled to perfection



Stacked Ham and Cheese – ¼lb stacked ham with American




All dinners include:

  • Choice of potato: Hashbrowns, French fries, American Fries, or Baked Potato

  • Choice of side: Side salad, coleslaw, or cottage cheese

  • Dinner roll or toast (white,marble rye, or garlic)

  • Add three pieces of shrimp (batterfried or broiled) $6.75


*Ribeye Steak – 10oz cut fresh from Bushy’s Meat Market



*Tenderloin Tips - tenderloin tips prepared with mushrooms and onions

8oz tips $17.75

4oz tips $13.75


*Catie’s Surf and Turf - 4oz tenderloin tip dinner with 1 piece of fish



*Tip and Potato Plate  - 4oz tenderloin tips grilled with mushrooms, onions, green/red/yellow peppers on a bed of deep fried potatoes topped with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses



*Grilled Chicken Breast

Grilled plain chicken breasts

With bacon and mozzarella cheese Add $2.50


2 breasts $11.50

1 breast $9.50


*Fish Dinner - three 3oz pieces of fish, batterfried or broiled

3 pieces $11.50

2 pieces $ 9.50


*Jumbo Shrimp - Six pieces of jumbo shrimp, batterfried or broiled



Kids Menu – 10 years and younger

Chicken Strip Basket

  • 2 chicken strips and ½ order of French fries


Grilled Cheese Basket

  • Grilled cheese sandwich and ½ order of French fries


Mini Corn Dog Basket

  • 4 mini dogs and ½ order of French fries


Mac and Cheese Bites Basket

  • 3 mac and cheese bites with ½ order of French fries


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